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Gaming for the soul

uwitdaily™, our flagship offering, brings biblical truths and principles to a generation of gamers through the genre of trivia. The game is designed to introduce practical truth through seemingly unrelated facts. We envision game expansions to include team play, trivia tournaments, and white-labeled versions of the app for churches and Christian educators. 



We are a team of visionary executives and advisors who are Heaven sent to make a Hell dent. Passionate about reaching NowGen and NexGen with the hope of Jesus, we are taking the Gospel where it has never gone — the great beyond of gaming. 

uwit daily branding


What we believe.

In a nutshell, we love Jesus. And Jesus isn't boring. We worship God. And God is both loving and just. We love the Bible. And acknowledge that there are some uncomfortable truths. We believe in sharing the Gospel. And you don't have to be old-school or stuffy to do it.



Seeking investors to expand game development and increase market penetration.

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