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Called to qualified.

Updated: Jan 2

Have you ever felt like God is calling you into something that is way too big and way too outlandish? You don't have the experience, the resources or the connections. But the fire to get engaged won't chill out?

If that's you, then you need to connect with Moses. He was called to lead a nation out of Egyptian slavery — with nothing more than a stick and a few words from God. And, he had to stand before the leader of the largest nation of his time, essentially demanding that the nation replace its labor force. Obvi, the Pharoah wasn't too keen on shutting down his economic engine!

Trembling to tenacious.

Moses was far from feeling qualified. When we encounter Moses in Exodus 3-4, we don’t see a shining example of bravery and resilience. Instead, we meet a trembling old man weighed down with insecurity and excuses. His conversation with God went something like this:

Don't believe us? Then read it for yourself. The craziest thing about this conversation is that Moses is standing in the midst of a miracle — a burning bush that wouldn't burn up — talking to an unseen God. Moses witnesses two other miracles right before his very own eyes. He gives six reasons why God made a mistake — why he wasn't qualified to lead the Israelites into freedom. And then, Moses tells God to pick someone else.

What we love about this conversation is that God wasn't offended by any of Moses' questions. He wasn't bothered by Moses' small faith. God keeps reassuring Moses. He keeps talking to Moses. And He keeps encouraging Moses. It's only when Moses refuses to do what God wants that He gets angry. The same is true with us. No question is off the table. No seed of faith is ignored. Disobedience, though, that will get you in trouble.

Called to qualified.

You probably aren't meeting with a head of state to solve a global issue today. If you are, our prayers are with you. But for those that aren't, God may have asked you to do something you don't want to do or don't feel qualified for.

If you're ignoring Him, learn from Moses. A bunch of neatly crafted excuses will still not get you out of what God wants you to do. Sorry. And it will get you in a whole lot of trouble. Eventually. And you'll miss out on the next thing, until you do the first.

But if you are struggling with your qualifications, you are probably the most obvious candidate.

The Bible and history are peppered with uncommon pairings and unqualified people doing impossible things. Abraham was worshipping the gods of Ur before he became the father of God's people. David tended sheep before he took down a giant and became a king. The disciples were doing anything but Bible school when Jesus invited them to begin the Church. Think about all the unlikely people God has used since then, including the person who introduced you to Jesus.

God still calls repentant hearts and faithful disciples to do little things and extraordinary things for His Kingdom. You may not have a million followers. Or the best resume. Or the right experience. Or a degree. But God can still use you to accomplish something important. It can be as simple as putting a smile on someone's face or planting a new church. God calls unlikely peeps to do the most extraordinary things so that He gets all the glory. And He qualifies you along the way.

Make it mine.

Read Moses' conversation in Exodus 3-4. Reflect on the questions Moses asks. Think about the excuses Moses offers. Consider how God responds.

Then, take a few minutes and journal with God about that one thing that he's asking you to do. Tell Him your fears. Talk to Him about your hesitancy. There is no burning question He won't talk with you about.

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