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Separated, Filled and Fueled

Updated: Jan 2

If you spend enough time in the Creation account, you'll discover a world of theological Easter eggs. For example, on Days 1-3 God forms and separates. Then on Days 4-6, He fills and fuels with purpose. Why do you suppose that is? And how does it connect to us?

In the Creation story, God begins by forming the heavens and the earth. Then he separates things like: light from darkness and sea from land. Then, the Creator starts filling universe with life and purpose.

Too often, we miss this crucial detail. We see God as a subtractive God, taking away the things we like. It's true that God does ask us to separate ourselves from sin, but the Creation Story tells us that, even as He separates, God keeps adding more until His work is complete. The same is true today.

Separated from the Source

When God created every living person in His image, He added a deep yearning for something more, something greater — something that only He can fill.

But then sin entered and it separated us from God (Isaiah 59:2). It disconnected us from the greater things. That's why we chase after more security, a better career, a bigger house, healthier relationships, cooler hobbies. None of these are necessarily bad but they are the lesser substitute. They will never truly fulfill the deepest yearning of our heart. It's an emptiness that can only be filled by the one who created it — Jesus Christ.

When God separates you from lesser things, He is drawing you toward someone greater — Jesus.

Separated for the Savior

Once we accept Jesus, it requires separating ourselves from sin. It's not because Jesus is a joy kill. Unrepentant sin prevents us from drawing nearer to God. Committing to holiness and living righteously is the hardest part of the Christian journey. The flesh had free reign for a long time. Chasing desire is second nature (Galatians 5:16-18). Cutting it out stings and keeping it out requires resolve. But it's this kind of separation that readies us for what we need most.

Filled and Fueled by the Spirit

As you abide in Jesus, the longings of your heart will be laid bare and refined. You will be filled with wisdom, overcome by mercy, inspired by hope, enriched with love and fueled with purpose. As His Word penetrates your heart and mind, you will begin to overflow with more joy. More truth. More love. More kindness. More patience. More self-control. More purpose. More passion. As you abide and obey, God continues to pour more into you. Until His work is complete.

Simply put. More God = More Good

Make it Mine

1️⃣ What is God separating you from?

What is Jesus asking you to consume less of? How are you being moved to separate yourself from damaging situations? What area of sin is God isolating?

2️⃣ What is God filling you with?

How are you letting Jesus add His heart to your hearts desires? Are you filling up on the Word, worshipping His presence and connecting with His people? Focus your future with this great Chrono Bible Study and a fresh playlist.

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