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Transformation Trivia by uwitdaily
Daily+questions that hit different

It's fun+facts+faith+formation! uwitdaily™ transformational trivia ties culturally relevant quiz questions to a daily, practical spiritual devotion.

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This isn't your parents bible trivia game! uwitdaily takes interesting things in life and culture and turns them into mini practical daily devotions. It's a brain tease. And a soulful breeze. Submit a question and see it in action.

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Ever felt like faith is all work and no play? We get that vibe. uwitdaily serves up fun daily questions about movies, history, science and more. Then we add a spiritual twist to bring value to your life.

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Sample Questions


Gangnam Style was straight fire in its day, going viral overnight. It held the number one slot for five years! 


Do you aspire to influence other? Dream of becoming an overnight success? Then listen up. A power role like…

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Uptown Funk

See You Again

Gangnam Style


Which music video was the first to reach one billion views on YouTube?


Stronger than the jaws of a lion! More powerful than a Philistine army! Able to crash a tall building with a single shove! Meet Samson. One part Superman. Another part Fabio.

They say a haircut was his kryptonite. But could it have been his Tony Stark super-sized ego?

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Great Clips

Planet Fitness



If Samson were hanging around today, which brand would he avoid?


Every December, surfers test the boundaries of human capacity in the theater of raw, oceanic power. With waves rising like towering giants and crashing with thunderous might, the Pipeline Masters is an indisputable showcase of mad skill and relentless courage.


Maybe you're not hang-tenning the Pipeline, but you're caught inside life ragdolling …

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What exactly is the Pipeline Masters?

Tobacco Aficianado

Surf Competition

Oil Refinery

Golf Tournament


what our players say

"I love uwitdaily! The app is addicting but in a good way."

Mike G., Franklin, TN

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